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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Failure Analysis Laboratory

Failure analysis involves collecting and analyzing failure data to identify the root cause of an asset breakdown or malfunction. The failure analysis process happens after the failure has occurred. The main goal of failure analysis is to adjust maintenance schedules and improve machine design and maintenance processes. Failure analysis enhances your company personnel safety and leads to the success of daily operations. Identifying the root cause of the failure allows your team to make the right action and reduce the risk of failure from happening again. Therefore, if you own a company or business and there is a problem with your systems and you don’t understand how it happened, seek help from experts. Hiring a failure analysis lab will help your team to identify the cause of the problem and provide action proposals. The factors below can help you choose the best failure analysis lab.

Equipment and tools. The failure analysis lab you choose should have advanced tools and high-quality equipment to allow them to identify the cause of failure accurately. Once the failure analysis engineers do the inspection and document their findings, they use various equipment to carry out failure analysis investigations. The equipment should be of good quality to ensure the results of the investigation are conclusive. Also, the tools they use to collect information should meet the required standards. A lab without the correct equipment and tools will not carry out the failure process as required leading to inconclusive results. They may end up providing unsatisfying action recommendations.

Check the failure analysis experience. The failure analysis laboratory you choose should be experienced in this field. They must know how to identify and analyze the causes of mechanical and electrical failures in your computer systems. A skilled laboratory knows what caused the equipment failure and offers the correct proposals to prevent failures from happening in the future. An experienced failure analysis lab inspects your equipment and performs various tests and analyses keenly to identify the cause of the problem. So, before hiring a failure analysis lab, research if they have skills in the field. Also, enquire how long they have been active in performing the failure analysis tasks. Their personnel should also be trained and qualified. It will allow you to enjoy failure analysis services from the best experts leading to quality work and appropriate recommendations provided.

Check the failure analysis lab’s certifications and licensing. In most states, for a failure analysis lab to operate, it must be certified by the relevant governing bodies. The certificate shows that the lab went through the vetting processes and passed. Upon qualifying, they are certified as approval of their failure analysis business. In addition, the lab should be licensed by the state authorities to show they are recognized and permitted to operate under the law. Also, it shows the lab is performing the failure analysis tasks under the rules and regulations of your state. Hence, ensure you check if the lab has the original and updated documents showing their business license and certificate. Working with such a lab gives you peace of mind since they are likely to be convenient and trustworthy in their work.

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